how do i use hashtag on Instagram? Increases your profile’s visibility

Jet Hashtag Instagram Hashtag Generator. Increases your profile’s visibility Your post will appear at the top if you use the right hashtag. You may gain more views and coverage if you use popular hashtags in your posts. Finding good content is made easier By using hashtags appropriately, we can find content both useful and interesting […]

The Steam app is now available for Chromebooks

The Steam app is now available for Chromebooks About a week ago, Google announced that Chromebook users would soon be able to try out the Steam program via Alpha; however, Google has not provided further details. The company has now made official its plans. Steam is available for Chrome OS and enthusiasts can download and […]

Twitter allows bitcoin donation.

Earlier this year, Twitter introduced a new feature that allows users to donate to accounts they like by using the “Tip Jar”. In addition to being able to transfer funds in the form of currency, Twitter is now said to be working on making it possible for users to pay with Bitcoin. Developer Alessandro Paluzzi, […]

Tesla works on humanoid robot development

Tesla CEO Elon Musk demonstrated a humanoid robot during AI Day and announced Tesla’s efforts to make it a reality. Next year, Tesla is scheduled to unveil its prototype. This robot is suited for repetitive tasks or hazardous tasks, according to Elon Musk. Self-driving food is also expected to benefit from Tesla’s smart robot. Currently, […]

What are the steps to check the battery health status of a laptop in Windows?

Windows has an attractive default feature that provides you with battery health status in a complete report, but probably many are not familiar with this feature. To help you get this report, we decided to write this article. Since Windows is installed on laptops, it records and maintains battery status. The operating system can provide […]

IBM’s artificial intelligence predicts Parkinson’s progression

Researchers from IBM and the MJFF Institute succeeded in developing a program thanks to artificial intelligence that can predict the rate and severity of the progression of symptoms in Parkinson’s patients over time. In the past, we have also seen many uses of artificial intelligence to diagnose various diseases such as brain tumours, kidney complications […]

How to enable Privacy Dashboard Android 12 in all Devices?

Android 12 has already been released as a trial version for some devices, such as Google Pixels, and offers users a variety of features, including Privacy Dashboard. But will there be a way to access the said feature without installing the latest version of Android? Although Android 12 is one of the biggest updates to […]

WhatsApp updates with ‘one-time viewing’ of images and videos

WhatsApp has added a new feature called “View Once” or “One View” to its messenger, whereby photos and videos sent after viewing by the recipient are automatically deleted and only visible once. WhatsApp has made this new feature available to users of both Android and iOS. This feature is currently enabled for many users, including […]