With these tools, test the antivirus power you have installed on the system

In this article, we will share with you a simple trick with which you can easily check your antivirus capabilities and abilities. Follow this article to make sure that the antivirus software you have installed on your system works flawlessly.

The use of antivirus on laptops and pc is one of the essentials of these days in the technology world. There are many antiviruses available that eliminate them by scanning the device and finding viruses. But viruses become more advanced and stronger over time. So does the antivirus you use have the power to detect developed viruses that are being produced every day?

It’s better to check the antiviruses we have installed on the devices we use to be aware of their features and capabilities. To be informed of this issue, there are some tricks that we will discuss in this article about the best of them.


How to make sure the antivirus we use works without flaws


The method is very simple and based on an easy netpad trick.

Method 1- Antivirus investigation

Step 1 – First, click Start and press Enter after typing notepad.

Antivirus investigation

Step 2 – After the netpad has been opened, copy and paste the following code.


Antivirus investigation

Step 3 – In this step, save the created file with the name techviral antivirus file testing.exe.

Antivirus investigation

Second method – Check antivirus with Internet security test

To do this, you need to visit an online site. Simply download one of the security test files from this site. If the antivirus you have installed on the system stops downloading the file, that means that the software is protecting the device well, but if you manage to download these files without any problems, it means that your antivirus does not have the necessary conditions to protect the device.

Step 1 – Visit the Eicar (https://www.eicar.org/) website (European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research) and click on this link

Antivirus investigation

Step 2 – Scroll down to find an option called “Download using area the http standard protocol”. You can download any of the files here. After downloading, if the antivirus gives a security alert, that means it works well.

Antivirus investigation

This site provides the user with 4 files to download. The first file, eicar.com, contains an ASCII string referred to above. The second file, eicar.com.txt, is a copy of this file but with a different name. Some readers have said they have had problems when downloading the first file, but there should be no problem with downloading the second file. Simply download this file and then rename it to eicar.com. The third file contains the test file inside a zip folder. A good and strong antivirus should be able to detect the “virus” inside zip files. And the last file is a zip file, which this time the third file is located inside. This will show you whether antivirus is able to detect the virus at lower levels or if it is unable to detect the virus at later levels after the first level.

Third Method – Using TestMyAv

Antivirus investigation

TestMyAv https://testmyav.com/ has only one goal: to provide users with the facilities to test anti-malware solutions so that they no longer need vendors, testing companies and dealers of these softwares. On this website there are viruses and malware to download that test your system antivirus. Always start with basic testing.

Once you’re logged in, find the “Testing Guide” page and start antivirus testing by downloading malware.

Method IV – Comodo Leaks Tests

Antivirus investigation

This method is one of the best penetration or leak testing tools. The best feature of Comodo Leak Tests is that it is supported by COMODO, a leading security leader. The task of this tool is to test the holes in the firewalls and hips application. For this purpose, a total of 34 different tests are performed including rootkit installation, data sending and injection. As a result, if your antivirus has enough power, it can stop the test from being run by the Comodo Leak Tests tool. This will help you understand how capable antivirus is.


Method 5- Using Secunia Personal Software Inspector

Antivirus investigation

The Secunia Personal Software (https://www.flexera.com/products/software-vulnerability-management/personal-software-inspector.html) Inspector or Secunia PSI tool is an incredibly powerful tool that all users should use on their systems. Secunia PSI’s ultimate goal is to check whether the software installed on the system is updated or that it requires a security patch. In fact, this tool makes sure that antivirus has the ability to detect and stop the latest viruses and security threats. Therefore, this tool is not for antivirus testing but it can help the software to have more capabilities and capabilities.

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